Thirst no more.


These welcoming lifesavers quench one, quench all… any time, any place!

56211 – Sports Bottle (1) 750ml


This handy lifestyle bottle is great for the gym, when you’re out jogging or the office. You can have your favourite drink at hand and a secure storage for keys and money that never leave your grasp.

RM 39.80


58455 – High Handolier with Pouch (1) 1.5L


A generously-sized personal drink container that comes with a compact pouch for storing keys, mobile phone and money. Ideal as a
fast pick me up when you are on the go!

* Pouch is NOT covered by the Tupperware® Lifetime Warranty

Features & Benefits:

1. Classic round seal prevent spills.

2. Virtually liquid-tight.

RM 52.90 Retail

SAVE 15%

RM 45.00 Now


58462 – Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch (1) 900ml


The Thirstquake Tumbler features a trendy, sling-on-pouch that makes it easy to use in the office, school or just about anywhere!

* Pouch is NOT covered by the Tupperware® Lifetime Warranty

RM 39.20


58182 – Thirstbreak Tumbler (4) 470ml


Handy and slim with virtually liquid-tight seals makes it ideal for slipping into handbags!

RM 50.40


Beverage Buddy (1) 2L


The ever practical Beverage Buddy with an easy grip body requires minimal storage space, making it ideal for home use.

Features & Benefits:

1. Durable, textured surface withstands scratches.

2. Slim shape fits easily into fridge door.

3. Generous two litre volume is sufficient for a day’s consumption in the office.

58461 – Beverage Buddy (1) 2L Margarita

58479 – Beverage Buddy (1) 2L Cool Aqua

RM 36.30

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