What’s crisp remains crisp!

One touch is all you need to seal freshness to perfection.


58315 – OT Topper Junior (2) 600ml

RM 29.80


58408 – OT Topper Small (1) 950ml

RM 19.80


58478 – OT Topper Medium (1) 1.4L

RM 23.90


58319 – OT Topper Large (1) 2.1L

RM 29.80


58297 – OT Canister Junior (1) 1.3L

RM 21.90


58390 – OT Canister Small (1) 2L

RM 27.30


58323 – OT Canister Medium (1) 3L

RM 33.90


58318 – OT Canister Large (1) 3.8L

RM 39.80


58480 – Giant Canister (1) 8.6L

Oversized snacks require oversized storage, and Giant Canister is a 8.6 litre volume canister that fits all the crackers needed to serve your guests. The virtually air-tight lid is also a real help when it comes to keeping crackers crunchy and yummy!


Safe food storage tips using Modular Mates, One Touch & Giant Canister
1. Always keep dry food in the pantry sealed in clean and dry containers
2. Containers should be labeled and dated to help rotate your cupboard stock.
3. Spillage that attracts vermin or insects should be cleaned up quickly.
4. Wash empty containers thoroughly and air them before refilling. Re-label with new dates.
5. Always wash your hands and dry them thoroughly before handling food to prevent any contamination.
6. Always dispose of food that has expired.
7. Buy food in amounts that you need and replenish regularly.
8. Always arrange the most frequently-used items and keep them together – this saves you time and effort when trying to locate them.

RM 59.90 Retail

SAVE 20%

RM 47.90 Now

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