Chill out!


Enjoy delicious, cool water from fridge to table; at work or at home.

58320 – Fridge Water Bottle (1) 2L

RM 39.90

Features & Benefits:

A versatile and virtually liquid-tight bottle with an attractive design that                                                                                                                           makes storing cold beverages at home or outdoors easy.
Ergonomically-designed, lightweight and compact.
Wide, square-shaped base enables easy cleaning.
The cap on the spout is removable and easy to clean.
Liquid levels can be checked through two transparent windows at the side.
The moderate height of the spout makes pouring liquids easy.
A ‘no handle’ design allows bottle to be placed in the refrigerator door pocket.
Bottle’s square shape provides good space utility.


57801 – Handy Cool (2) 1L

RM 59.80


58317 – Rectangular Water Container (1) 8.7L

RM 94.20 Retail

SAVE 20%

RM 75.40 Now

Chill out on hot days with this handy container that lets you move water from the fridge straight to the picnic table!





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